A milestone reached as X has moved out

Friday July 10, 2009 at 9:34pm

X moved out today.

We agreed and disagreed over some things she wanted to take last night, and she moved out everything of hers and what we agreed during the course of today.

She had the cheek to ask if I would help her get stuff into her car!  Obviously I said no..

The house is noticably different with less things in it.  She has left most things behind, but daft things like she took half the plates in the kitchen - so even though there are myself, B and G, there aren't quite enough to go around.

She won't tell me where shes moving too - apart from that its in a neighbouring town - but no more than 10 miles away..  I asked her if shes moving in with someone, but she said no..

So, as per the name of a 1978 album by Genesis - "and then there were three"..

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